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For digital history this week we discussed Miles, The Dawn of Detriot, Chapter 4. The most intriguing part of this chapter for me was Augustus Woodward. His name was the same name of the road I’ve been on countless times in the city of Birmingham. I discovered through Wikipedia the that Woodward named the road himself, but claimed that he didn’t name it after himself. Instead it was named Woodward because it runs towards the woods. The Wiki also showed Woodward in a very positive light, and someone who defended free slaves. In contrast, Miles’ book showed Woodward in a negative light, that view blacks as inferior people. We discussed in class how we could be the ones to edit this wiki with updated information.

We also discussed constructing data maps. To do this we converted shape files into geojson and then imported them to flourish. Flourish then draws the counties for the time period for out data. This matters because the borders change with the time period. From there we needed to select the data we’ll be using. We discussed using total sums when adding our data in order to compare across different dates. Lastly we were assigned with asking a question with our data.

My goal was to compare the amount of slaves in Michigan from 1810 to 1820. However, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do after adding my shape files, editing my data to fit only to Michigan and uploading it. I did look through my excel sheeting discovered that in 1810 there were 24 slaves in Michigan territory during this time, and over ten years that number would fall to 0. My question would be how accurate were these numbers, and what were the amount of indentured servants in Michigan during this time.

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