Portfolio 4: Metadata and Close Reading of Primary Sources

This week we worked on Metadata and close reading of Primary sources. Working the subject of the relationship the enslaved and enslaver I found two primary sources. One coming from our book, Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on Virginia, and another, William Wells Brown- an American Slave. Annotating images led to me to do more close reading on the documents I picked. I had to develop an understanding, and put my interpretation of the sources in text. Further and continued practice of annotating images can help develop one’s ability to grasp and understand primary sources and other readings. Annotating sources can also give those who read your sources a way to see how you interpreted specific parts, and give them an ability to agree with your interpretation or not.

One can find my Exhibit on the relationship between the Enslaved and the Enslaver by clicking the “Omeka” link at the top of the page, or by following the link below.


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