Portfolio 7: Topic Modeling

This week we explored Topic Modeling using the Topic Modeling Tool from adobe. We downloaded the topics from the Documenting the South Data Base.

From there we explored some of the settings. I did one data run in class, but outside of class I did the program again changing some of the settings. I turned on preserve upper case and increased number of topics to (did 30 in class).

Furthermore, we then pick one of the topics that interest us and copied the docs under the topic into a separate folder. Using Voyant Tools we got a better understanding of the topic. Voyant is a scholarly product that is useful for interpreting works. For this analysis I picked a topic that revolved around church, colored, and white. One connection I saw was the church being often connected the word colored and African, as one can see in the picture below.

Due to time constraints this is the extent is the extent of my voyant use. I plan on going further into it at later, and now want to research more on the topic of blacks and the church during this period.

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