Portfolio 9: Story Mapping

Still in progress.

This week in Digital History we discussed Narrative Maps, and how historians could depict history in a unique and engaging way. We started with the website Mapping Slavery in Detroit’s interactive map. We discussed what it well and also the ways we could improve it. The use of normal shapes on top of a modern day detailed map of Detroit seemed like an odd ineffective design choice.

We discussed the use of story maps, and limiting ourselves to 100 words per slide in order to keep the audience engaged and not be bored down with words.

For my story map, I decided to try to map where the slaves of Detroit came from. This proved to be difficult task to partake. My time was limited due to required events that led to not be home till late night it was due. However, the question on where Detroit slaves came from intrigue me. From the book, The Dawn of Detroit, Slaves in Detroit came from three locations. The surrounding territories, west of Missouri River, and mainly Detroit. The distance slaves could arrive from in Detroit seems staggering. Slaves came from far west of America, and the slaves from New York could have originated from places as far as south Africa.

This question proved difficult for me to answer, and the sources in the book did not bring to where I could easily find more information. So here is my very incomplete story map, I look to complete in the future or even look into another topic to create a rich story map.


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